Lopid Canada



  • Type: Not A Statin
  • Manufacturer: Pfizer
  • Substance: Gemfibrozil
  • Dosage: 300mg
  • Average Price: £166 for 60 pills

Millions of people in the world suffer from a high risk of atherosclerosis, heart attack or stroke due to high blood cholesterol level, and they take medications to regulate their cholesterol. One of the most prescribed cholesterol medications is Lopid.

In combination with a special diet it is an effective drug for the prevention of heart attack, stroke, and is also taken by people suffering from pancreatitis. Usually, Lopid is prescribed, when other treatment ways do not work.

This drug has a number of side effects, and in some cases it may be contraindicated. Therefore, the patient is obliged to visit a doctor, undergo an examination and get a prescription before using this medicine, since Lopid is a prescription drug.


For patients suffering from hepatic and renal diseases, the use of Lopid is contraindicated. If you may have an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients of the medicine, then you should not take Lopid. The drug may interact poorly with certain medications, including Warfarin, Simvastatin, and Repaglinide. Ask your doctor for a complete list of the drugs and substances that cannot be combined with Lopid, and if you have to take any of them, then you should not start taking Lopid.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

If you are pregnant, then you must inform your doctor about the pregnancy before Lopid in Canada is prescribed. The effect of the drug on the unborn child is not fully understood. If you are breastfeeding, then it is recommended to refrain from breastfeeding while using this medication, as it is not known whether the drug passes into breast milk. It's also important to tell your doctor if you are planning to get pregnant soon.

Method of Application

You should take the drug in full compliance with the instructions for use of the medicine and the advice of your doctor. Usually the drug is used every day in the morning and in the evening at the same time half an hour before meals. Only your doctor can prescribe the exact drug dose that is right for you. Do not increase or decrease the recommended dose. During the period of using Lopid, it is not recommended to consume foods with a high fat content, as well as alcohol.

Usually, patients taking Lopid in Canada are forced to often take a blood test to monitor the results of the treatment. Do not stop taking your medicine without talking to your doctor, even if you think your condition has improved. Only the full course of the treatment can bring the most positive results.

The course of treatment with Lopid requires a special diet and exercise. If you want to get the best treatment result, then follow all the doctor's recommendations and do the exercises every day.

If for some reason you missed taking the drug, then you should not take two doses at the same time, as this can cause an overdose. Take the next dose according to your medication plan, skipping a forgotten dose.

Side Effects

If you get the following adverse reactions after taking the medication, then contact your healthcare provider: muscle pain, upset stomach, vision problems, arms or legs numbness, sexual dysfunction.

If you get allergy symptoms such as breathing problems, rashes, itching, swelling, and redness of the skin, then you should seek immediate medical help.

The list of side effects in this article is not full. See your doctor and ask him for complete information about the medication, side effects, and drugs interactions. If you begin to experience any disturbing symptoms, then you should immediately contact the doctor.



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